“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” — Lao Tse

Mafriends was born in December 2020 from the desire to have a place to share good art from artists online.

We started with the motto:
I #makegoodart with a little help from Mafriends.

I wanted to have a place for artists to grow their presence online and also to make it easier for them to be able to have access to minting NFTs and connecting with online community, even if they didn’t get along so well with the technology and the geek side of web 3.0.

And also wanted to test different NFT platforms and learn what was special and unique about each one.

I was already working with Daniel Gnattali joining some contests for pure fun, and ended up winning some of them.

I’m a big fan of his style and his clever ideas and we ended up getting along quite well on planning artist creations together and bringing them to the world.

IMPACT, one of our most iconic artworks until this day was born on one of these contests.

Dinossaurs on suits about to be hit by a huge Bitcoin meteor. Comic with orange colors.
Dinossaurs on suits about to be hit by a huge Bitcoin meteor. Comic with orange colors.

In February 2021 a wild opportunity appeared and it changed everything, this was where we saw we could really dive into Mafriends and spend more time on creating art and sharing stories:

DontbuyMEME released a contest sponsored by 0xb1.

I knew we had to join this one but ended up losing the announcement and when I saw it we had really little time before the deadline, making a long story short, we (and specially Daniel here) did an herculean task to be able to produce 6 arts for the contest, one for each pool, and won with 4 of these submissions.

From this “The 6 chapters” were born, our gamified NFT collection (more on that on an upcoming article).

After that, we felt really thankful and had a lot of fun during the creative process, but missed having a chapter to put all of the 6 DeFi projects together, so why not creating something new? We thought.

“The Hidden Chapter” was born!

And developed on a series by itself with 2 of 7 unique editions published so far (yes, we’ll also talk more about that in the near future).

After things started accelerating, we minted Whale Whisperer on Zora, Satoshi Nakamoto the #01 of our “Avatar” series, other NFTs like Legocentrism and “Natural” was minted as an NFT for the upcoming no loss lottery organized by Pooltogether.

We are happy to announce that we want to put more time and energy on Mafriends project from now on and bring way more surprising art to the world.

And even happier with the fact that on the 8th of June we’ll have our first drop on DontbuyMEME: “Ancient Entities” with some top-quality art specially created by Daniel during the month of May, can’t wait to share that with the world.

Thank you for being here, we hope to meet you somewhere on the metaverse,