The 6 chapters: Gamifying the collection of NFTs

At this point you have seen almost everything when it comes to NFTs.

Projects that bridge art and utility like The Metakey, profile picture projects developed by 12 years old genius kids selling hudnreds of dollars in 1 day and pretty much all animals a blockchain can handle (goats, more goats, elephants, dogs, apes, so forth and so on).


have you seen Gamified Experiences with NFTs?

We haven’t seen many so we decided to create our own!

Stay with us here until the end and you’ll understand it all.

Last March we dropped the collection: The 6 Chapters, as part of the contest organized by 0xb1 and Don’t buy meme.

6 high quality pieces telling the forgotten stories of a king travelling through the metaverse and exploring different Defi protocols:

The 6 Chapters collection

4 of these chapters were minted by MEME on opensea while the Chapter 2: Uni Omnibus Idem and Chapter 4: Just DIGG it were minted on our personal Rarible account.

Each piece has different quantities and all are limited.

Chapter 1: The Conquest of the Dark Forest — 52/52
Chapter 2: Uni Omnibus Idem — 60/60
Chapter 3: Reaching Alpha — 52/52
Chapter 4: Just Digg it — 40/40
Chapter 5: Strategy Rules — 12/12
Chapter 6: The Moon is Here — 12/12

Now, here things start to get even more interesting.

The Hidden Chapter Collection

After The 6 Chapters collection we released The Hidden Chapter, a collection of 7 unique pieces spread out through different corners of the metaverse for the adventurous collectors to find, at this moment only 2 of the 7 were disclosed and minted.

The first one: Code is Law, was collected by 0xb1 themselves, while the 2nd hidden chapter: Together We Stand sits patiently at our Foundation waiting for a starting bid to find his new home.

We created a game to make this collection a bit more exciting, there’ll be prizes for a maximum of 7 people who can collect 1 copy of each of the six chapters and 1 unique hidden chapter.

Now, to the prizes:

  1. OUR RESPECT until the end of times, you’ll live forever in our hearts, we’ll never forget our early contributors.
  2. THE 7 ART PIECES PRINTED in A3 Fine Art Canson Edition Etching 310gsm and shipped to you, for free, anywhere on the planet.
  3. AN UNIQUE #NFT to be created by you and us, together.

This is your opportunity to have a story or a memory immortalized on the blockchain, in an EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK channeled from unknown dimensions by Daniel Gnattali and minted by MaFriends on a limited number.

This prize is redeemable only one time per unique Hidden chapter. For a person to redeem more than one prize (which is possible!) they’d need at least 2 versions of each of “The 6 chapters” + 1 of the unique pieces of “The Hidden Chapter” complementary collection

Let the hunt for the chapters begin!

Have any questions? Message us on twitter @MafriendsArt

You may also want to check the first tweet we made explaining the game.

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See you soon,
Mafriends Crew